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2 player xbox one games,  left 4 dead 2  this games a little bit older but man does it hold up well essentially if you haven’t played a left 4 dead game 

you’re one of four different characters who must fight off different types of zombies

and make the way from point A to point B while defending your way and fighting through

hordes and hordes of zombies the cool thing about this game is its very co-op focused

left 4 dead 2

which means your team is only as good as the players playing and the communication

that you guys have together with different types of zombie classes that can jump and pin down a character

it really comes down to sticking together and working together to all finish at the same time 

instead of just running off in separate directions I also love the fact that the left 4 dead games

take players into really unique places like a mall or a carnival and it’s just a really fun experience

overall you can pick up this game for about $20 on the Xbox 360 that’s backwards compatible on the Xbox one


8. roblox is free game this a game made intended for kids absolutely but I’ll be honest

my first time playing roblox was actually with a bunch of my adult friends we just kind of hopped on to see what it was

and I’m not gonna lie it was really fun and funny you might have to do some convincing to your friends

but I think if you have the right group of friends that really like just to laugh out loud

and make jokes and what not you can have a really good time playing roblox

just honestly the art direction it’s kind of goofy and funny and there’s a lot of good jokes to be made

and you can play so many different types of games

that you won’t really get bored you could be all of a sudden

playing a Call of Duty rip off like phantom forces or a csgo ripoff and then be a contestant on the TV show survivor

because, why not and then there’s platforming sections there’s RPGs there’s just really a lot to do and it’s it’s just over the top

and, it’s funny I mean playing the game by yourself as fun but if you get the right people you can have a hilarious

2 player xbox one games

7. sea of Thieves ten dollars it’s a game that I’ve found to be really really fun yes at its core there’s not a lot to really do

other than go look for treasure and sink other people’s boats which surprisingly can be really exciting

but, Microsoft is adding more and more content to this game which I really appreciate

and, the fact that you can get on the Xbox game pass for just their standard ten dollars a month

it’s actually not a bad deal especially if you have the right group of people to play with if you have the right friends

you can play this game for hours and hours and night and never get boring of it.

and, I’ve definitely been on that boat I play it with my brother and some of our friends, we’ve actually gotten pretty far in the game just doing the same thing over

over again and it doesn’t really get stale it’s just kind of fun there’s high intensity action moments

and, then there’s some cool down time where you’re just sailing the ocean so it’s a pretty good game

for its low price and if you need something to plan the Xbox or on the PC because it’s cross-compatible it’s a great game to pick up


6. Rainbow six siege which is a game I’ve actually wanted to talk about it for a long time

and, never really had the right opportunity to if you like video games shooters this game might be the perfect game for you

and, your friends to play it is very tactical and a little bit slower than what you would see in like a battlefield game

if you liked games like Call of Duty’s search-and-destroy this might be right up your alley

there is definitely a learning curve because the game is really hard at the beginning2 player xbox one games


but, if you give it some practice it could be a game that you and, your friends

if you guys like tactical games that really involve communication can really get into it’s definitely my most played video game

in the last three years since its come out it’s my go-to game all the time and since there’s different editions of the game

there’s a starter edition and, a standard edition it’s a little bit cheaper

to get into if you’re just trying to find something that you might like

a lot of people complain that the starter Edition takes too long to unlock the operators

in my opinion it’s not terrible you get six at the beginning I believe

and, then you have to grind out to unlock the rest of the characters

and, it takes about a week per character but it gives you something to do and, you can always just buy the character’s

outright as a micro transaction if you really feel like doing it not the greatest thing in the world

but, at the end of the day it’s a pretty fun game for a decent price

2 player xbox one games

5. way out $30 I didn’t really know what to expect from this game after the goal game Awards thing  that was cool

this game is a very narrative driven split-screen game whether you’re playing it online or locally

the game is still in split-screen that follows two characters as they essentially break out a prison

there’s a lot more to the game outside of just the prison part but it’s actually a pretty fun game

sure a lot of the characters and the story are ripped straight out of Shawshank Redemption

and, a lot of the narrative is really corny and over-the-top but it actually serves

a really decent story you get really invested in the characters and it’s kind of funny to poke fun at the game

and, story every once in a while to and it’s a great game also if you’re not the most experienced gamer

or you’re playing with someone who’s not the most experienced because it actually is pretty easy

most of the games QuickTime events so it’s pretty forgiving in that sense

but, even if you’re both an experience players

you can have a lot of fun playing through it the cool thing is also a $30 price tag gives entry to both players

even if the other players online there’s a free player to download that gives them the game

so they’ll be able to play the game as long as one person as the game

so for $30 you both get a play a game it’s a pretty fair deal

4. old portal to one of my favorite games of all time because of its single player the coop in

the game is actually really fun especially on the PC while the Xbox and the ps3 versions of the game have co-op

and, it’s a pretty long co-op it’s about four to five hours and it’s pretty challenging the PC version

is really where it’s at because there’s community-made maps and you can just play forever

and, never run out of games to play we’ve had a lot of fun playing portal 2 online in the past

and, it’s definitely a must-have pick up game the physics are a little bit weird if you never playing a portal game before

but, if you go ahead and get used to it, 

it’s really fun and, you really can’t tell that the game is several years old just playing it

so you’ll have a really good time playing this one if you pick it up

2 player xbox one games

3. the saints row games specifically Saints Row 2, 3 or 4. and 2 was my favorite but 3 and 4 also pretty good

and, I think they’re on the Xbox one now also and the ps4 the Saints er games are just hilarious

and, they’re over the top and they’re sandbox games if you play Saints Row 3 in Saints Row 2 it’s more of like a Grand Theft Auto style

that you can play with friends but, the story is so funny and over the top and just ridiculous and, Saints Row 4

takes it even further and, pretty much gives you superhero powers

and, what’s not more fun than that besides the funny narrative

that goes on and, the fact that you can make your character look how ridiculous you want 

it’s just an overall really good game 

it’s a game that always has you coming back because there’s a chuckle or just a weird joke

that will just resonate with you

I strongly recommend the Saints Row games and I hope that they make a new one  soon

I know financially the company isn’t doing the best but, you know what it’s been a solid franchise

2 player xbox one games

2. halo 3 or Halo Reach I’m gonna go talk about halo 3 a little bit more just because,

it’s on the Master Chief collection it’s a little more accessible

it’s also backwards compatible but halo reaches 2 but these games are so much fun

especially if you’re just sitting around with some friends and, you want to like single-player PvE game to play

it can be a really fun game I highly recommend cranking the difficulty up to legendary 2

and, being determined to finish it

get those achievements because that’s where you’re gonna see the most fun,

you’re gonna see a I really come to life and, really have to use strategy

to get through some things halo 3 is probably one of the best campaigns in the Halo franchise

and the game is really solid it’s really fun you have so much to do each level

is different and the story’s good even if you’ve never played the past Halo games you can

kind of figure out more or less what’s going on if you never playing halo,

then halo reach might be the easier one

to come into you can play any of the halos with your friends but Halo 3

and, Halo Reach that you do for players

that just say game to try out and I think that if you’re looking for a first-person shooter that’s more story-driven

check out Halo Reach or halo 3 you’ll have a great time and then

1. golf with your friends it’s a golf game a mini game where you golf with your friends

and, you can you make the ball jump or have different shapes of the ball or Castle Crashers

which is like a side-scrolling fighting action-adventure game which is surprisingly really fun really funnygolf club

,really addicting it’s a great RPG game you can upgrade your characters have different powers

and, you work together to fight through stuff and it’s pretty much a really long hack

,slash but it’s really charming in its own way

but, golf with your friends you golf with your friends its putt-putt golf with your friends


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