best external hard drive for xbox one
best external hard drive for xbox one

best external hard drive for xbox one

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best external hard drive for xbox one Seagate 8TB Game Drive for Xbox

the 8 terabyte game drive hub so inside the box you get the actual 8 terabyte game drive hub as well as all of the cables and, power adapters.

you might need based on where you live and, also some instructions to make things as clear as possible.

Now the game drive hub includes 8 terabytes of data storage as well as two front-facing high speed USB ports and a pretty easy setup this one also comes with the Xbox Seal of Approval which means that it’s gone through testing by Xbox.

to make sure it’s compatible with all of the Xbox one family and also it’s able to be designed to color match the white Xbox.

Seagate 8 terabyte

Is perfectly, it will also work going forward with the Xbox one X and it’s as simple as unplugging it out of your current console and plugging it directly

into your new console if you’re gonna be picking one up now you can use the USB ports in the front for a variety of things you can obviously plug in accessories like extra controllers or a racing wheel you can.

also charge your phone or even plug in another hard drive which is what I’ll be doing.

And, also I have an old hardisk 2 terabyte slim, well I still like the portability factor of that I don’t want to have to redownload reinstall or copy and paste my entire game collection over so instead.

best external hard drive for xbox one

I’m gonna plug my 2 terabyte slim directly into the a terabyte game drive hub and that way I can retain access to my entire game collection while also adding all of that new extra space with this set up I have

the 2 terabytes of my console the 2 terabytes of my slim in the eight terabytes of my game drive hub which brings me to 12 terabytes of data and you might be wondering why I need all of that space.

and, we will get to that in a minute but first I want to talk a little bit about installing this thing.

Now the physical installation of this is pretty simple you plug the drive into a wall socket and you plug the drive into a USB port on your xbox I’d probably recommend picking one of the back USB ports to keep your setup nice and clean now

best external hard drive for xbox one
best external hard drive for xbox one

Once you do that the software side is also, very easy you’re gonna turn on your Xbox once the drives plugged in you’re gonna accept the message for formatting.

The device gives a name choose your default settings for the device and, then wait you can change your storage.


Preferences down the line if you want to organize stuff differently. and, you can move games.

Between drives as you please, a quick note here is that because of the Xbox formatting you will lose 100 gigabytes of space for every one terabyte of hard drive.

Meaning that the 8 terabyte drive will have 7.2 terabytes of usable storage space and this rule applies to all of the drives.

Now you might be wondering why on earth does anyone need that much space and, for most people that 2 terabytes slim might be the perfect solution

however, for me I have a pretty decent sized game library right around 700 games and I like to keep a lot of them installed on the off chance.

That I get in the mood to play then on top of that.

I also, have a subscription to EA access and Xbox game Pass. Which is right now over a hundred games and I want to be able to install those games whenever I want and not have to worry about space.

Not only that but, with the launch of the Xbox one X for K patches.

and, updates for a lot of my game library will become a reality.

best external hard drive for xbox one
best external hard drive for xbox one

And, with that I personally expect that game sizes can grow very quickly and I want to be prepared for that

now you can always compromise and delete old games that you’re not playing off  your hard drive

But, this a terabyte hub just kind of seemed like a more future-proof option for me now.

The box actually quotes that you can install up to 200 games on the 8 terabyte drive.

However, from personal experience I found number two be more realistic right around these 600 games range.

For whatever reason I guess Xbox makes them quote the average game size as 36 gigs.

I found that my average size was about 11 gigs. So, you can kind of do a little bit of math there.

And I would say that a realistic approximation is about 500 games.

Assuming you have a collection of those high budget triple-a games that tend to be a little bit bigger.

And some of those indie games and maybe lower budget games that tend to be a little bit smaller.

So now that you have a slight overview of the hard drive how it works.

And, what you’re getting in the package.


we’re gonna end off the review with some of my opinions

and, honestly I don’t really have that many the hard drive is working flawlessly for me.

I don’t really have any complaints personally I think it’s quite stylish I’ve been using Seagate products for many years.

And have never had any problems with them the only things I do want

to mention is that the hub does need to be connected to a wall.

so keep in mind that you won’t have the convenience of something like the slim

which connects just via USB and additionally the hard drive can tend to be a little bit noisy.

Now I sit very close to my console I can literally touch it right now

and, when I am downloading a lot of games.

Installing a lot of games or deleting stuff getting updates

I can hear a little bit of the clicking of the hard drive.

Now that’s pretty normal for hard drives like this

I do just want to put that out there for if whatever reason you want it to be

ultra ultra silent or you absolutely can’t stand that mine did make a little bit of noise.

but, it’s nothing I wouldn’t expect from any other hard drive.

just like this last but not least I did also test loading times.

best external hard drive for xbox one

And, the loading times were basically exactly the same as what they were on my slim

and, just a little bit shorter. as to what they would be.

if I was using the internal hard drive space of my console it is pretty much right

now well known that if you have your games and your data on an external hard drive your Xbox games .

will run just a little bit faster. probably around five percent. but, if you play a lot of online games.

you’re gonna have to wait for the other people to catch up.

anyways so that benefit can be lost with multiplayer games and, I know the gamer score community.

in the achievement community this is something. that we would probably use.

Because, we have a lot of games we have a lot of backlog you probably have access to

things like EA Access in the xbox game pass and this is a pretty cool solution for people

with a big game library.

And, people who want to keep a lot of games installed and people who want to be protected.

In the future .for all of those Xbox one x patches that might be coming.

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