how much does a xbox one cost
how much does a xbox one cost

how much does a xbox one cost

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how much does a xbox one cost X box is one of the best console output Microsoft into rival playstation and Nintendo for the past few years. For it has become a must for all gamers to have it.

xbox one is the best console in other word revolutionary console. While the rates are pegged to the xbox itself is divided into several categories that will be for the following:

x box one s with lowest price 299 version bundle range variants of the game and the existing facilities. As for the specifications on offer as follows.

8 GB of DDR3 RAM, a 3 GB is already used for the OS.

8-core, x 86 processors.

500 GB hard drive.

Blu-ray drive.

3 ports USB 3.0.

HDMI ports (in and out)

Special Xbox VGA One based on AMD architecture

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