star wars battlefront xbox one
star wars battlefront xbox one

star wars battlefront xbox one

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Unlike the first series to offer only arcade mode, DICE and EA inject a single-player/campaign mode for star wars battlefront xbox one.

No messing, it’s positioned pretty important to the Canon Star Wars story itself.

It will be a bridge as well as a foundation explaining what happened with the Star Wars universe between Episode VI and VII.

One of its main focuses is to provide a backdrop for so many military ruins that you had seen on the planet Jakku.

While witnessing The episode VII: The Force Awakens.

Your own role as a member of one of the special forces of the Galactic Empire named Iden Versio.

Not messing with, he was a special member of a team named Inferno Squad that was often given personal duty to fight against the Rebels.

Attempting to steal the Rebels ‘ plans to destroy the Death Star, Iden had to confront the fact that he now lives at the end of the breath of Galatic Empire.

The Father – Admiral Garrick Versio himself apparently kept a message that was still stored by Emperor Palpatine in a messenger that had already predicted it.

They had a way and a mature plan to defeat the Rebels and restore Empire’s power.

star wars battlefront xbox one
star wars battlefront xbox one.

At the end of the plan, stand by Iden Versio, who believed the father had the loyalty and ability to complete each mission needed to achieve this one “sacred” goal.

“A goal that no longer has a moral system in it, which gives space for any method or methods to ensure Empire can come back.”

For Iden, this is a journey that is no longer just about Empire. This is a matter of conflict and growth from the personal side.

That his belief in the Empire and all of his own system, now continues to face the walls of doubt and so many great questions that need answers.

So, will Iden Versio restore the Empire’s power amid the definite destruction? How does Star Was Battlefront II’s story relate to episodes VI and VII?.

What kind of challenges should he face? All the answers to this question are of course you can get by playing Star Wars Battlefront II.

The Star Wars atmosphere

You can always rely on DICE and her flagship Frostbite Engine to create a game that not only has stunning visuals from the technical side.

From just the details to the variety of lighting effects that it takes, but still faithful to The existing foundation atmosphere.

The strong reflected power of the first series was perfected in this second series.

The larger and more diverse design of the content, still presented in a quality that deserves to get a thumbs-up.

For Star Wars fanatics, it’s an interactive experience ready to make them shout for joy, or in more extreme, wet dreams.

We’re not just talking from the visual side, one of the other strengths.

That’s rooted in this latest series also lies in the fantastic sound quality.

The details of the sounds that are an integral part of Star Wars.

Fom just the Blaster sound to the distinctive lightsaber will color your every action, even in chaotic moments.

As if wanting to strengthen the atmosphere to be more authentic and epic, they also embed some special soundtracks for some of the moments that exist.

You, for example, will be greeted with the “Imperial March” Once you use Darth Vader or the “Duel of Fates” instrument when choosing Darth Maul.

It is always fun to hear every shot or explosion appearing in the existing battle.

For campaign mode, voice-over is considered good.

star wars battlefront xbox one
star wars battlefront xbox one

One of the fears that might happen, especially after what happened with Mass Effect:

Andromeda, is DICE’s ability to handle the quality of facial details in this game.,

there are plus and minus here.

Some new character faces that don’t have an emotional attachment at all with you.

Like Iden Versio For example, look fantastic in the existing story mode.

Moreover, through a series of zoom-in processes on the face that can sometimes be able to photograph the emotions quite precisely.

The bad news? The problem actually occurs in more iconic characters such as Luke Skywalker or Leia Organa.

Whose face shape is not arguably similar to the real-world film actress/actor.

Is this a design option that is intentionally or not? It’s hard to interpret it.

The fight also feels epic thanks to the diverse world designs he offers here.

You can feel that every planet in which you battle.

From Naboo takes you to battle in the middle of the city, the storm-struck Kamino, to Kashyyyk.

That feels like a beautiful tropical planet comes with an eye-pampering layout.

The details for indoor battles like in the Death Star for example, are also fantastic no less.

You can note clearly that DICE works hard to replicating the world that fans of Star Wars love to Love.

For the space battle mode – Starfighter Assault, the lighting that emerges from the closest star or just the headquarters that you have to destroy.

Resulting in a more dramatic gaming experience.

Then on paper, at least from the overall presentation side, Star Wars Battlefront II actually looks mesmerizing.

There is hard work to maintain the details and produce an authentic gaming experience there, either in visual or sound side.

Although we can still recognize him, the decision to reintroduce unpopular heroes like Bossk.

instead of offering more iconic characters such as Obi Wan Kenobi or General Grievous is worth questionable.

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