top rated xbox one games

top rated xbox one games

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top rated xbox one games

top rated xbox one games standard rating that averages game reviews and critic reviews at

25. Mortal Kombat X 8.98 at playsore  excels the essential Mortal Kombat X is loaded with even more content with Mortal Kombat.

and, excels putting all previous DLCs into one brutal Edition the glory of gory cynicism is even greater with the addition of gore icons Jason predator and Leatherface

top rated xbox one gameshungry for Grizzlies the real killer appetite or lose it as they face to face in a fight to the death with spine cracking organ fatalities

and, perfect x-ray vision is it may be too late to say this game isn’t for children has

garnering the twenty-fourth spot in


24. superhot playscore of 8.99  it’s not every day that you see a first-person shooter that shows a different layer of action

but, superhot is a shooter that moves when a player moves control the player as he gets transported into a digital world filled with red holes that is trying to kill youtop rated xbox one games

and, using the game’s responsive time mechanic and carefully plan your strategies ahead while the world is still pause created by a team of passionate individuals

superhot manages to create a disruptive action game that critics have been calling it the most innovative FPS game to date

top rated xbox one games


23 titanfall – a playscore of a flat 9 when it comes to this game you can never rule out the intense guns blazing action and mechs from the sky

this sequel to respawn Entertainment’s critically acclaimed first-person shooter comes back with all new features and improved combat from new Mechtop rated xbox one games

type new weapons and a gripping story mode to cater to fans of the series it is slick frenetic and it served as a battlefield to

the first person shooter enthusiast multiplayer is also improved with new modes to dominate with bigger is always better



22. Doom  playscore of 9.0 1 is Doom in software reinvigorates the demonic portal from hell into this latest entry of the hardcore doom franchise

this reboot comes with familiar designs like a classic but met with insane new upgrades VV iconic doom guy

top rated xbox one games

and, make them scream in terror as you limb by limb with your insane weapon also when accompanied by the game

solid soundtrack killing demons couldn’t be more satisfying it’s one of the finest shooters of its year

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21. Middle Earth shadow of Mordor  playscore of a 9.0 this game has always been a surprise to Tolkien fans it’s not related to the Lord of The Ring

canon but it’s still in terms of gameplay and storytelling shadow of Mordor is one of monolith games

crowning glory control Italian a ranger seeking revenge for his dead family this quest for vengeance draws the power of the original creator of the Ringsshadow of mordor

caliber in war seem up in human or race form to take down orcs in the Fallen land of Mordor this game’s

nemesis system is the best feature of the game aside from itsfast-paced combat it tells a whole new story to each enemy that you face



20. Madden NFL playscore of a 9.08  there’s more testosterone popping actions if you had with a definitive Madden NFL yet far firms

is another roster update ea raise the bar with its elevated gameplay mechanics and new game modes that can make for a complete football experiencemaden nfl

it improves on passing mechanics to give way to a variety of play styles create heightened strategic place with aggressive tackles

and, run after catches or take on a greater challenge in its new draft champions mode it’s plenty more realistic



19. killer instinct playscore of 9.09 is  season 3 a reboot of the 90s Killer Instinct arcade games

it changed it pixel few more origins and makes a high-definition comeback it borrows elements from fighting game icons like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat

killer instinct

but, not forgetting to add in some of its own flair its 3rd seasson channels it’s retro roots with costumes accessories and colors from its arcade era

and, with the addition of a virtua fighters you can wreck the arena or control the battlefield with dragon nunchucks

top rated xbox one games



18. Tomb Raider playscore 9.14  definitive edition Lara Croft’s return to the modern generation platforms

comes with a bigger adventure Crystal Dynamics reboot to video game most popular heroine is a huge successTomb Raider

get lost in the mysterious island of Yamatai and witness lara croft dangering the previous game Crystal Dynamics improved.

escape from this in Irving island with your crew of brave adventurer use lara survival skills and discover a magic hidden deep beneath this forsaken Island



17. divinity playscore over 9.15  original sin Enhanced Edition Larian Studios brings an original game to the RPG

mixed with original sin what may seem lacking individuals it gladly makes up for it with some of complexitiesdivinity

and, engaging turn-based combat unlike most RPGs you’ll be given a lot of freedom and with freedom comes the burden of thinking

about your actions and how it affects the world that you dwell in experiments with various elements and delve into moral choices

this enhanced edition adds more to the mix with new game modes voiceovers and a cool dual building option.


16. Resident Evil 7 playscore of a 9.15 biohazard witness the return of Capcom’s bio franchise with a whole new first-person perspective

step inside Louisiana and find your missing wife meet the lovely Baker’s a wonderful family determined to watch your rotting flesh on the news.

Resident Evil 7

for a long time resident evil has finally returned to its roots bringing a whole new level of scares

and, tension to the players while not relying on the jumpscares welcomed yourself to the family

top rated xbox one games



15. Diablo 3 ultimate playscore over 9.17  evil edition developers otop rated xbox one gamesf Blizzard North were able to breathe life back into the Diablo series

with this refined version it retains much of the same elements that made the franchise a huge success the ultimate evil editionDiablo 3 ultimate

culminates years of improvement into one ultimate game especially the inclusion of the Reaper of souls expansion

it’s Diablo at its finest with its graphical and mechanical overhauls enjoy 1080p resolutions and 60fps as you slash through demonic beasts in deep and dungeons

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