top rated xbox one games

top rated xbox one games

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top rated xbox one games

14. rocket League playscore of a 9.17  where else can you find monster cars getting monsters eyeballs into gigantic goals

nowhere but rocky a sequel to psionics 2008 battle cars it creates the unlikely combination of rocket fuel cars and a joy of soccerrocket league

rev up your customized engines and soar through the field with up to 8 of your friends it’s no 19-minute marathon

it’s a quick frenzied battle for supremacy completely baffling visuals that completes the superstar package with the sports league is a highly competitive cross-platform field with a



13. dishonored playscore of 9.2 a  to be embroiled in a harrowing story of political intrigue in arcane studio sequels

to probably the best first-person stealth action game yet.

control 2 of the series iconic characters Corvo and Emily as the exact vengeancedishonored

on the people that a serve they’re throwing, use the game’s improve self system and pick between these two playable characters

and, at any time take down enemies in multiple ways, but you don’t have to murder them.

Baskin it’s morally great choices and just decide to see the lasser evil in its grim world


12. Minecraft playscore of 9.2 is  xbox one edition Xbox one edition it’s not for everyone

but you can’t deny the wealth of amazing project and artworks that was brought into for perfect thanks to this swedish creation.Minecraft

minecraft a new wave of almost draw dropping creativity and a new era of YouTube gaming .

there’s a million possibilities in store for you depending on what you like explores a planet-sized landscape

survives of the wildering wilderness or create pieces of art and client there’s always something to do here to

top rated xbox one games


11. dirt rally playscore of 9.2 3 is yet ready for the most authentic rally game ever dirt rally puts you on the driver’s seat of powerful

cars as you white-knuckle your way through its unforgiving terrain.

it’s a rallying enthusiast stream with fluid resolutions and rushed graphics you can almost feel the wind and mud glowing through your hairdirt rally

and, with its challenging horses it has responsive controls to help you steer through the madness no casuals allowed it

top rated xbox one games

10. Metal Gear Solid 5  playscore 9.23 the phantom pain. Kojima the final entry of this massively popular Metal Gear series

has met with universal acclaim. although the story can be subject for further discussions phantom pain is a remarkable send-off to big bosses career.

engaged in an enormous third-person stealth action experience with a solid gameplay and hearts pumping action explore the afghan region

or hide in the cover of the darkness and African balls experiment

with strategies using its emerges gameplay and smart enemy AI.

it’s a Metal Gear to surpass all metal gears


9. the witcher 3  a playscore 9.26 Wild Hunt talking about how amazing

The Witcher 3 is is nothing but an understatement of the gaming community. CD Projekt RED masterpiece takes you to the final story of the white wolf as he

top rated xbox one games

tries to find a missing child of prophecy motivating the Wild Hunt be a professional monster hunter or a Witcher

as you scour the depths of the war-torn villages enter creepy underground tombs and bang hot sources.

this game takes medieval fantasy to its 100% form.

it’s considered by many as the best RPG game of the decade

while others would like to call it a savior of the RPG genre.

top rated xbox one games


8.Ori and the blind forest playscore of 9.27 is  Microsoft’s dazzling adventure platformer

it’s full of surprises take control of Ori an adorable tree spirits has to save their magical forest from growing darkness.

it’s a rollercoaster of emotions as the players feel the weight of responsibility of its main rated xbox one games

first few seconds it’s going to make you cry the gameplay is’ by far the most fluid

compared to most platformers it’s fast slick and it’s carefully designed for greater challenges you use magical abilities

to leap roll and smash barricades and take down enemies.

fulfill this quest to save the dying forest and try not to cry it.

7. dark souls 3  playscore of a 9.3 all from software third

and, final entry to their hair-pulling stress inducing and rage quitting series

comes back with even more hair-pulling stress inducing and rage quitting rated xbox one games

but just like all of the soul series just tested patience and satisfactory aside from its beautiful graphical overhaul

and detailed monster designs the biggest improvement of this installment is the fast-paced combat.

no longer is it wonky and slow comparing to the previous games

we have the removal of the point system fighting

against ugly beasts are more reliant on your dodge. rather than your blocking.

with massive DLCs to add more more to the story it’s a game worth to have


6.overwatch blizzards playscore of 9.3  overwatch the latest I see in almost two decades revolutionizes the first-person shooter genre.

it is a spectacular blend of fun shooter and strategic team play

engage in fun 6v6 battles with you and your friends,

in iconic places from around the world all in futuristic rated xbox one games

escort payloads capture points or fight through the death

while choosing between the game’s lovable 24 cast of characters.

just it has been awarded by multiple Game of the Year awards

making a 2016 game of the year the world could use more heroes and more healing


5. forza of motorsport 6  a playscore of the 9.33 the forth of serious is a masterclass in videogame racing

delivering plaques and elegance and every installment but this game especially takes the cake giving hope back

to the doubters after the slightly underwhelming wake of 4 to 5.forza of motorsport

the franchise events itself back into racing Hall of Fame with new tracks shinier cars and a 70-hour story mode.

rain and night racing are wonderful additions by the way that coupled

with stunning visuals make for challenging yet beautiful Drive.

top rated xbox one games


4. NBA 2K18 9.35 be the kings in sports latest.

there’s much in store for you the season with upgraded mechanics to give you more

control of the fast-paced court invade steals and blocks with killer crossovers

and, shoot over NBA greatest players with improved shooting mechanisms.NBA 2K18

live your dreams and become one of the legends and this variety of game modes.

take yourself through the court and maps up with a superstars in my career

or step away from the sweating mess and become a basketball of Rosario in my GM.

top rated xbox one games


3. fallout 4 a playscore of 9.37  for our third place wonder around the radioactive Commonwealth

and, fallout nuclear fourth entry.

what begins as a search for your lost son becomes a harrowing adventure

that will take you through its massive open world and improve v.a.t.s support shootouts with deadly mutants.fallout 4

as much as the radiation eats their genetic codes fall out 4

is sure through hours of your life in a good way,

you will spend many of time between rummaging through rafts crafting weapons

and, building bases all in the spirit of survival.

despite its myriad criticisms it’s so undoubtedly a great game


2.dystopia playscore 9.47 inside play that monochromatic touch and, haunting atmosphere returns in another side-scrolling adventure

and, this time step into a inspired dystopia where you control a young boy

running away from the clutches of government controls.dystopia

since indie game has established the respect of various players

and, critics from around the world making it. in other word,

one of the most successful indie games during 2016 it even won multiple awards

including best indie game best art direction and best audio.


1.Grand Theft Auto V  playscore 9.59 is  of course despite being released way back in 2013 Rockstar

fifth main entry to the Grand Theft Auto series remains an all-time favorite among fans of the franchise

as well as video game first-timers and why the hell not there’s a million things to love about GTA V

aside from the obvious freedom from societal inhibitions and doing whatever the hell you want

and, it’s also a surprisingly  gametop rated xbox one games

that offers so much in terms of gameplay story and, visuals it’s a world on its own where the mundane

and, exciting collided into one explosive harmonic crescendo it’s everything you want in an open-world

GTA V its not only the best game. in other word, the greatest game.

Therefore, as a result, so, consequently

That is to say, in other words, to clarify

But, however, on the other hand

For example, for instance

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