xbox one hard drive gamestop

xbox one hard drive gamestop

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xbox one hard drive gamestop

SEAGATE Backup 4 TB Desktop Plus

True to its name, it has external storage up to 4 TB of storage. If your laptop comes with 1 TB of storage, then Seagate Backup Plus Hub can save backup data up to 4 different laptops.

The main advantage of this device is the Seagate Dashboard software that comes in the package. This software allows users to do a few things, such as doing a backup of data from a computer, mobile device, store and share data that is in the social media, as well as doing a restore of the data.

to perform a data backup, Seagate is presenting two options, i.e. do the backups manually or create a backup of your file plan. Of course, these features are very user-friendly, even for beginners though.

Talking connectivity, the device can be connected to the computer via the USB cable 3. Supported operating system for these devices is quite extensive, ranging from Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android and iOS even though.

xbox one hard drive gamestop

The interesting part of this device is there are two USB ports on the front. Two USB ports, this can be an additional HUB if all the USB ports on your laptop used, but want to access your external hard disk or flash disk more.

Other advantages are the two ports can be used to charge smart phones while not connected to the computer. This is because Seagate Backup Plus Hub has its own power cord.

Finally, we will discuss the performance of these devices. Seagate pinned a 7,200 rpm hard disk speed on this device.

When we test using a Crystal Disk Mark, speed reading the file from the device to the average 191.7 MBps. As for data writing speed, average speed gets 182.8 reached MBps. Keep in mind, this speed is achieved using a data connection USB cable 3.

Overall, Seagate Backup Plus Hub is a solid choice with prices worth for those who want to have extra data storage with a large capacity. wikipedia

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