Xbox One release date
Xbox One release date

xbox one release date

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Xbox One release date

Xbox One has released May 2013, while Xbox One S August 2, 2016, and Xbox One X November 7, 2017,.

The console engine is currently dominated by the three major Sony with its playstation, Microsoft with Xbox, and Nintento with Nintentonya.

It will be very easy to choose a glimpse of which are more players

then we will be glad to play there because the price will be cheaper due to the number factor. Nevertheless, buying a console is not only a matter of cheap and many players. For example, Nintento

still excels to bring games that are children friendly and portable consoles that can be played by the little ones and of course we are great. Then what about the Xbox? Check out seven reasons why Xbox is suitable for family entertainment

Xbox One release date
Xbox One release date
  1. Validated Game with strict standards

Xbox is based on Microsoft Store. Microsoft Store implements strict rules for publishers to publish better, polite, and on-the-play games. All classified and sorted appropriately follow age standards and

level game submissions ranging from ESRB to Microsoft’s own standards. Being an Xbox game publisher is not easy they have to meet a set of standards. and,  if the game wants to be available on Play Anywhere. As

a result your family is grateful for the games that might make you like Dead or Alive Extreme, Catherine, and many games with open loins display are rare on Xbox as below.

  1. The most Game subscription concept in its class

If the other party only has one type of subscription then Xbox has three types of game subscriptions

Sports lovers, shooter and family games can go to the EA Access subscription at a cost of $30/year only or equivalent to 40% the price of a game. You can play FIFA, NBA, Battlefield, up to Feeding Frenzy. At

least 50 games can be played on this EA Access-only subscription

Game lovers with diverse genres ranging from classics like Sega Collection to modern like Forza Horizon 4 or Crackdown 3 can subscribe to 10 $/month or $120/year or two games only to enjoy 150 games from Indie to AAA.

Multiplayer lovers can subscribe to Xbox Gold to activate the Multiplayer service and 4 free games every month with just 60 $/year or equivalent to 90% the price of a game.

And do not forget each activation of one of the subscriptions then you are entitled to an additional 10% discount for the new games you are interested in or DLC that is located outside the scope of DLC.

Combined with a year-end discount for example you can be more frugality.

  1. Play Anywhere

Buying a game Play Anywhere means you save! Because one game can be played on Xbox One Console and computer.

 As with Game Pass, you can play Forza Horizon’s game pass for example on your PC and on your Xbox One. An interesting concept for those who want to play on the PC and console platforms.

  1. Backward Compatible

The Xbox 360 DVD, the legacy gaming game can be played as easy as inserting the DVD into Xbox One. You can play offline without having to stream.

Plus Some Backward games can be upscaled from its graphics and play performance to HDR. Just look at the list of compatible games here. Xbox One release date.

  1. Cloud technology with Xbox Live services.

Not just games, saves games are also compatible between PC, Xbox 360, One, and One X. Because everything is stored in one cloud storage indefinitely and done automatically.

Intelligently the Xbox services named Xbox Live automatically performs game storage. Saves the capture of your video stream, until it detects the most recent storage session. When, you play in more than two consoles.

All for free without having to subscribe to Gold for example.

  1. Multipurpose Accessories and Subscriptions

The controllers you have can be paired on your PC, Kinect you have can be used on your PC, until your Mouse, Remote, and keyboard can be used on Xbox.

For some people this is interesting meaning there is no need to buy a game controller for PC and Xbox One. The accessories can be used repeatedly in many systems.

Not a Cuman accessory, subscriptions such as Xbox Gold and Xbox Gameparab can be used by family members with the machine set Home Console.

This means that if the machine is the same, the family members don’t need to subscribe to Xbox Gold for each member!

  1. Most stable Multiplayer

Studies show that Xbox One has a faster and more realistic network than other consoles. The IHS Markting publishes reports on how the Xbox network works and delivers stable service.

 The effect. Of course, will greatly become the basis of the success of competitive games or e-sports that require multiplayer network.

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Xbox One release date

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