xbox one s news
xbox one s news

xbox one s news

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xbox one s news

xbox one s news Microsoft finally officially announced the presence of its newest console, Xbox One S All Digital. Yep, this console was created to play games without a physical medium in the form of disks.

Quoted From News Xbox, the reason it created the All Digital version of Xbox One S is the success of the Xbox Game Pass program that gives its customers more than 100 game titles.

After so the main way of content distribution in the PC platform. Digital methods are utilized also by the console manufacturer in presenting its products.

We can’t show a collection of digital games on the shelf. But because of the practicality of the process, it’s growing popular among consumers.

And in the end, this trend prompted Microsoft to introduce a new Xbox One model.

Its existence was first solved in Thurrott’s report on Microsoft’s plan to trim the presence of optical disc drives in their current-gen console.

Later in the month of February, the news said that the latest hardware codename Lockhart (and Anaconda) will be exhibited at E3 2019.

Details about it had leaked in last March. But the new company announced it officially this week.

xbox one s news

xbox one s news
xbox one s news

As expected, the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition is exclusively formulated to handle games without the physical medium of discs.

The design was driven by the high increase in digital content. And the success of the Xbox Game Pass program which gave its customers more than 100 game titles.

The company said, the current state of the entertainment industry has been very different. From when the Xbox was first released in 2001, and they needed to adapt to the situation.

Microsoft said the game industry today differs considerably when Xbox was first released PDA 2001 then. Finally the Microsoft gaming console should adapt to the circumstances.


“Xbox One S All Digital is deliberately created for those who prefer to get as well as play Xbox games digitally by issuing capital as efficiently as possible,” said general manager of platform and devices marketing Jeff Gattis.

Microsoft also bundled three games, namely Minecraft, Forza Horizon 3 and Sea of Thieves.

The buyer also received an Xbox Game Pass subscription discount for three months for only US $1.

This latest console also has support for displaying 4K HDR images and hard drive-based storage of 1TB.

This latest console can already be pre-ordered at the Microsoft Store, Amazon, Best Buy and started to be marketed on 7 May 2019.

The console is sold at a price of US $250 This price is cheaper US $50 of Xbox One S standard Version.

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