Xbox one x black friday price
Xbox one x black friday price

Xbox one x black friday price

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Xbox one x black friday price

Xbox one x black friday price Xbox One X 1TB Console $ 473 available on target and amazon

The Xbox One X equipped with AMD processor 2.3 GHz 8-core Jaguar 6 teraflops GPU and 1.172 speed

MHz! Graphics capabilities is much faster than its predecessor, the Xbox product One that 853 MHz speed

and its competitor the PlayStation 4 Pro with 911 speed 4.2 MHz GPU teraflops.

Xbox one x black friday price

Not only that, the console also features RAM 12 GB of GDDR5 which belongs to great because other

consoles are still using 8 GB of RAM. The console also features 1 TB of storage, support 4 k as well as HDR.

With specs like these, the Xbox One X will be able to display graphics games so real and vivid as well as

having a very high performance.

The users of the Xbox One soon will be able to play the game by using the keyboard and mouse, like a

play, in a PC. Microsoft made sure that they develop support for the use of the keyboard and mouse. This

news came through the official announcement which revealed by Executive Vice President of Gaming at

Microsoft, Phil Spencer via Livestream on the Xbox streaming impressions. cited from IGN, Wednesday

(26/9/2018), thinks this support is still in the test phase also involves the users. Some of the selected user

will act as testers and can try out this feature in some time in the future. In presenting this support,

Microsoft will work with device manufacturers of original gaming Singapore, Razer.

So the Xbox owner One can use a compatible mouse and keyboard through the features of Chroma from

Razer. Later this function will be compatible with all mouse and keyboard that can run on the Windows

Xbox one x 

operating system 10. But it also depends on the developers who make the games. So users of the Xbox

One can use both inputs, the game developer must modify his game to be played with a keyboard and

mouse. If not, this support will not be able to use and users can only play the game with a stick as usual.

“Input mouse and keyboard not present automatically in the games. The developers are the ones who

know about the game and we support to make the experience of playing a game that is more optimal,

“says Jason Ronald, Program Director of The Xbox Management & Verge. For this lack of support for the

use of the keyboard and mouse is indeed a problem for lovers game console. Some types of games like

FPS games would indeed be more optimally if played using the keyboard and mouse. However Microsoft

has yet to expose in detail when this support will be released officially. But in a posting on the Twitter

account of authorized Razer, the two companies will give the details more clearly a matter of this plan in

November. We just wait.


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