xbox one x vs ps4 pro
xbox one x vs ps4 pro

xbox one x vs ps4 pro

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xbox one x vs ps4 pro

xbox one x vs ps4 pro xbox one x vs ps4 pro

Although PlayStation took start first and stole the attention of gamers around the world by releasing the PS4 Pro series which was considered the highest series of their products at the end of 2016 last year, Xbox had a separate strategy for Anticipate it.

Xbox leverages a feature weakness that the Japanese competitor did not have and offered it to its latest console series. Microsoft officially released its highest Xbox series late last year as well as the latest technology for this product.

Named after Xbox One X, the product is considered to be much more powerful than its competitors, especially PS4 Pro. The pricing for the Xbox series also has a considerable difference from the PS4 Pro.

Sony released its high-priced products at £ whereas Microsoft launched a price of £499 for its latest Xbox series.

Here are the specs of the Xbox One and PS4 Pro that can be input for those of you who are confused about choosing the best gaming console.

In terms of both processors this console has a specification that is not much different. It uses an 8-core engine processor, but the Xbox One X 2.3 GHz speeds a little slower than that of the 2.13 GHz PS4 Pro.

xbox one x 

In terms of graphs. Xbox One X looks much superior when compared to PS4 Pro. Xbox One X is armed with 6 TFLOPS, 326GB/S, GDDR5 RAM 12GB while for PS4 PRO only 4.12 TFLOPS, 218GB/S, GDDR5 8GB RAM. TFLOPS is an abbreviation of Teraflops which is a way to measure computer power with mathematical counting capability in GHz. Teraflops refers to the ability to processor calculates one trillion floating point operations per second. Which means, more and more TFLOPS are owned on a console the better the performance of your console.

Additionally Microsoft also confirmed the Xbox one X compatibility that is currently available to play many games. You will no longer encounter a game that this series of products cannot play, as you can find in the series ‘ predecessor.

Differences in the power of this graphic will greatly affect the processing performance of an image. Microsoft aims to give gamers full HD facilities or 4K service at 60fps. While this specification does not have PS4 Pro, some types of games on PS4 Pro only run at 30fps in 4K.

xbox one x vs ps4 pro

It feels like almost every new game with the highest specs is capable of running better on Xbox One X than the first released PS4 Pro, but regardless of that every console has always had the advantage that Its competitors. Which console you will choose later on, of course it all depends on the budget you have.

Not wanting to lose the smartphone, the game consoles have also made a lot of interesting breakthroughs. Two of them are Xbox One X and PlayStation (PS) 4 Pro. These two immortal enemies have powers that are not far different.

xbox one x vs ps4 pro

One of the similarities is that it supports 4K-resolution TVS. Behind its sophistication, Xbox One X and PS 4 Pro definitely have some advantages and disadvantages. Create curious gamers can find out more below!

  1. Xbox One X Vs PS 4 Pro: Specifications

xbox one x vs ps4 pro
xbox one x vs ps4 pro

For specifications, both have only an equation to the hard disk storage capacity of 1 TB. The rest of the Xbox One X paper excels in all lines. Actually the equation is also found in the CPU and GPU. But Xbox has an AMD 8-core CPU power of 2.3 Ghz, while the PS is only 2.1 GHz. At Performance Microsoft Graphics offers six Teraflop on Xbox or larger 1.8 of PS 4.

Xbox One X also offers 12GB of RAM. Microsoft says that 3GB is devoted to operating system performance. Where with the other 9GB remaining allocated to the game. Very much if compared to PS 4 Pro with an 8GB allowance.

  1. Xbox One X Vs PS 4 Pro: Design

Although it is equally wrapped in elegant black, the size of the two is very different. The Xbox is slightly thinner 12mm compared to the PS 4 which has a thickness of 275mm. However the Xbox 38mm is wider with the size of 343mm while the PS 4 is only 305mm. Xbox is 1.2 kg heavier than the PS4 Pro weighing 3.8 kg.

In terms of ports, both consoles offer three 3.0 USB ports, SPDIF, and an Ethernet connection. In particular the PS4 Pro has a port for PlayStation cameras. While the Xbox One X has additional features HDMI-in and IR-out. The Spot Game notes Xbox One X consumes more than 170 watts with temperatures reaching 61 degrees Celsius. Instead, PS4 Pro consumes about 150 watts with temperatures reaching 40 degrees Celsius.

  1. Xbox One X vs PS 4 Pro: Number of games

The large number of games make a console have many options to play. In some sources many mention that PS 4 more have many games and vice versa.

Summarizing it from Metacritic, with a score of 70 you can play 796 games on the PS 4, including Persona 5, Uncharted 4, and Horizon Zero Dawn. However Xbox has fewer games with a total of 563, including Gears of War 4, Cuphead and Killer Instinct. Even so, games on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One can be played back on Xbox One X.

  1. Xbox One X vs PS 4 Pro: Price

xbox one x vs ps4 pro

Through each of its official pages, the Xbox One X was priced at 499 dollars. PS 4 Pro is much cheaper with a price of 399 dollars.

All returned to their respective tastes because the PS loyal users may not necessarily directly everyone with Xbox. Likewise, Xbox users still have to adapt to PS if they have to switch. But with that in consideration, which one suits you best?


  1. XBox One X vs PS4 Pro: VR

xbox one x vs ps4 pro

This is the easiest point to answer. Currently, consoles that can already be paired with a VR headset are PS4, as well as PS4 Pro. Meanwhile, the XBox One family hasn’t been equipped with a custom VR yet.


The VR tool for its own PS4 family is called PS VR. Therefore, PS4 Pro is the only option if you want to play VR in the game console.

  1. XBox One X vs PS4 Pro: Online gaming experience

Indeed, the online gaming experience is determined by the quality of your Internet network. However, the infrastructure readiness of the vendors is also decisive.


To play online games, you need to subscribe to XBox Live for XBox and PlayStation Plus for PS. You have to pay some money for that subscription.


Well, returning to the quality of infrastructure, Microsoft is said to be better prepared than Sony. The XBox Live network is said to be more stable than PS4.


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